The amazing companies that support my goals

TerraLoco was launched in September of 2012 by a group of local entrepreneurs who envisioned a run specialty shop with state of the art technology, all of the latest gear, and an unparalleled commitment to customer service and community.


In my opinion, What makes the TerraLoco unique are the employees who have the knowledge and and willingness to educate and enhance the experience of buying shoes that tailor to the clients gate. My favorite part about the experience is the Ipad Gait Analysis.

The goal at Nate Dicks Endurance Sports is to provide high level endurance coaching and advice to each of their athletes to the best of their abilities. Believing in a straight forward and simplistic approach that is based in scientific research to help athletes reach their goals.


I would not be the athlete I am today without the help of Nate Dicks as he has guided me through many successful training seasons with attention to detail and honest communication. If something sucked, it sucked, and we focus on the future to fix the error. Where NDES excels over other "coaches" is Nate is a university professor teaching and actively pursuing a PhD in Exercise  Science. Why take advice from someone with a TP coaches account and 1 chapter ahead of you in Friel's latest book, when you can consult with the best.

Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 by Brian Frank. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge and service to health conscious athletes all over the world.


What I don't like about Hammer Nutrition is that if I am having a bad day on the course, I cannot blame the quality of nutrition I am putting in. Everything the company makes is created with the athletes performance in mind. Whether I am creating the next Salt Lake on the trainer or on the course at Nationals, Hammer will be fueling me.

KiWAMi is a name made from two words. KiWi, which is the flightless New Zealand bird, and Ami, which is French for friend. Kiwami was produced by triathletes Craig & Hélène Watson with the vision to create first class triathlon race-wear. The company produces all garments in Europe with high-tech textiles.

I race in the LD Aero Kit and cannot rave about it enough. To get into the weeds with the LD, it will save 18 watts at 40Km/H, or 6-7 minutes over 180km. From my perspective on race day, the best way to describe it is I don't even notice anything is on. In the water, my arms rotate freely. On the bike, It feels like a brand new cycling kit that's tailor to my body. Finally on the run, I get to enjoy snagging extra gels with the many pockets, and comfort from running without restriction or need of body glide from excess fabric. If I had 5 LD aeros, I would never touch a cycling kit and be one happy triathlete.